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Spend real fights effective anything extra by leading. We offer customize mobile and web application on lowest cost.



General ecosystem

A few teams within Google have joined forces inside Chrome to focus on improving the Web ecosystem, we focused on those who build by experiences and hard work.

Exchange for other crypto currency

A business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies.

Web Applications

We offer platform and device independent web application of a large scale institute and organization. We are experienced and creative to make an application like ERPs.


By product and company SEO, we offer you a big market to capture and sell you product online. It time to be online and step together with the eCommerce world.

Network Securities

Our network administrators offers you some high security services, and secure your important data online and offline.


We also offer some MISC services like magazine, catalog and theme designing. All service and safe and unique to publish.

Android & IOS

Mobile application development

World is in hand. Every company, which are working and giving their service through mobile application, has more customers and productivity. We offer ANDROID & IOS mobile application for eCommerce and customize work.




Software Development

We offer some customize and overdeveloped software like ERP, school and college software, hotel and office management, Accounts and billing software etc.

Starts From
8000/- INR

Website Development

We offer Ecommerce and business website, which help you to sell your product online and offline. Website are SEO frindly and easy to customize.

Starts From
6500/- INR


SEO is today key factory and basic requirement for business. Every business need a brand endorsement. Without is it will be not possible to sell product online.

Starts From
3000/- INR

Android and IOS Developement

Not only Ecommerce but also a company or personal application can make you business a boost. Everyone is online now. Make you android or IOS application now.

Starts From
15000/- INR



ganesh suthar
ganesh suthar
Ganesh Suthar
Founder, SEO & Android App Development

I am Btech in computer science and i strongly belive that every interpreter has to work with the technology and make an advantage of online market. I can helps you to approach you product to end user and do an online marketing so that a you can increase your sale.

siddharth vyas
Siddharth Vyas
Founder, Website and Cyber Security

I am MCA & Mtech. I have an experiance of 8 year in web application and cyber security. I can offer you a ecommerce platform and office automation software to maintain daily sale and purchase. I am also offering community and academic software with cyber security so you can make sure about the safety for you data and stuffs.

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